Masonic VIP Club International

We create jobs and promote art and entrepreneurship

Masonic VIP Club International* is a Non-profit Association legally constituted in Europe, founded entirely by accredited freemasons of different currents, Obediences, Lodges and Rites with the purpose of creating a "neutral" and plural meeting space from which our values ​​of Freedom, Equality and Fraternity are spread.
Our objectives are diverse: Promote our artists, create jobs for unemployed brethren, and to promote solidarity in general by collaborating with Works of Social Good, interacting in our own social network *Freemasons* strengthening in this way the Chain of Union and designing together a better future for all humanity as a whole.We also organize events of various kinds, always motivated by just causes and solidarity to which to allocate the funds obtained: Gastronomy , "Masonic" tourism, sports, concerts, courses, conferences and exhibitions.

Our activities are:
  • A Social Network only for Freemasons
  • Digital Library
  • Magazine online
  • Promoting Freemasons who are artists
  • Gastronomic, cultural, sportive and charity events
  • Promote the Chain of Union across all Obediences
  • Masonic Tourism
  • Conferences, courses and exhibitions
Freemasons Masonic ART Club

Masonic VIP Club International Access Conditions

Have the corresponding Masonic passport duly signed and stamped